Leicestershire Minerals & Waste Local Plan

Project Description
In July 2016 the County Council published and invited comments on the Pre-Submission Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan for Leicestershire. The representations that were received prompted a number of Proposed Changes to the document, which were then published for consultation in November 2017. 

The County Council has now submitted the Leicestershire Minerals and Waste Local Plan  (incorporating the Proposed Changes) to the Secretary of State, and Planning Inspectors have been appointed to conduct its independent examination.

The task of the Inspectors is to determine whether the Plan is sound and whether the requirements of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) and associated Regulations have been met. They will take into account all the representations made on the Pre-Submission document and the Proposed Changes.

The examination process is expected to be as follows:

·        Publication of the Inspectors’ Matters and Issues: Following initial review of the submission documents the Inspectors will identify the main matters and issues that they consider need to be addressed through discussion at the hearing sessions.

·        Production of Written Responses on the Matters and Issues: These are statements by the Council and participants in the examination process to provide information and clarification on the Matters and Issues to be discussed and may include Statements of Common Ground. Their purpose is to inform the Inspectors.

·        Hearing Sessions: The Inspectors will hold hearing sessions in order to investigate the issues that are relevant to the soundness of the Plan. (The examination will not delve into matters that do not fundamentally affect the Plan’s soundness). Those who have made representations seeking to make changes to the Plan and have asked to be heard will be invited to participate in the hearings. If essential additional parties may be invited by the Inspectors to attend to contribute specialist expertise and knowledge. Members of the Public may attend the hearing sessions to observe the proceedings.

·        Publication of the Inspectors’ Report: Once the Inspectors have gathered all the information necessary to come to reasoned conclusions on the main issues, they will report on their findings, including recommending any necessary changes to the Plan.

Information on the publication and timing of these stages as well as any other relevant correspondence or developments in the examination process will be provided with links to the relevant documents on the Examination News webpage.

The Inspectors appointed to conduct the examination are Elizabeth Hill BSc (Hons) BPhil MRTPI and Stephen Normington BSc DipTP MRICS MRTPI FIQ FIHE
Helen Wilson is the Programme Officer. Helen is impartial and will work under the direction of the Inspector, she can be contacted at progofficer@aol.com  or on 0151 352 3863 or 07879 443035.
20 December 2018

The Council have submitted the following to the Inspectors -

LMWLP Mods Timetable Letter

LMWLP Proposed Main Mods

LMWLP Proposed Minor Mods

20 November 2018

A post-hearing note has been issued by the Inspectors to the Council Post Hearing Note

23 October 2018

Please note that the hearing sessions have now been completed and  there will be no hearings on Wednesday 24 October.

The Examination Documents List has been updated, the new document is highlighted on Examination Documents List 23 10 2018

22 October 2018

The Examination hearings commenced today. The hearings are due to continue until Wednesday 24 October, however ihere might be an opportunity for them to conclude earlier.

22 October 2018

The Examination Documents List has been updated, the new document is highlighted on Examination Documents List 22 10 2018

18 October 2018

The Examination Documents List has been updated, the new documents are highlighted on Examination Documents List 18 10 2018

5 October 2018

The hearings programme has been updated to include those participating at the sessions Leicestershire Draft Hearing Programme v2

2 October 2018

The Examination Documents List is now available, with electronic links to the submitted statements Examination Documents List 2 10 2018

27 September 2018

The draft hearings programme is now available Leicestershire Draft Hearing Programme

3 September 2018

The Inspectors have issued the following

Matters, Issues and Questions Final

Leicestershire Inspectors’ Guidance Note Final

30 April 2018

The Council have issued their notification of submission letter and statement of fact  Submission Notification Letter

25 April 2018

All the representations submitted to the Plan are available to download and view Representations list

The Core Documents are available to download and view Core Documents List

The Examination Documents List has been updated, the new document is highlighted on Examination Documents List 23 10 2018
The Core Documents List is now  available Core Documents List.