Leeds Site Allocations Plan Examination

Project Description

Further information on the Leeds Site Allocation Plan is available on the Council’s website at http://www.leeds.gov.uk/council/Pages/Site-Allocations-Plan-Submission-Draft.aspx

Claire Sherratt DIP URP MRTPI has been appointed as the Inspector to conduct the Examination. Inspector Louise Gibbons BA Hons MRTPI has been appointed to assist.
Helen Wilson is the Programme Officer. Helen is impartial and will work under the direction of the Inspector, she can be contacted at progofficer@aol.com  or on 0151 352 3863 or 07879 443035.
13 August 2017

Please note: The Inspectors have amended paragraph 3.8 of the Guidance Notes, the addition is highlighted on LEEDS Guidance Note Final REV2 14.8.17

Please note: In the Matters and Issues the Inspector refers to the Leeds SHLAA (CD7) in Matter 2 – Q3. This was an error and it should read Evidence Base Document EB8/4 (Appendix 1). The amended version of the Matters and Issues are available Here

9 August 2017 

On 7 August the Council submitted their response to the Inspectors’ further questions Response to the Inspectors’ Further Questions 

The Examination documents list has been updated Examination Docs List 9 8 17

8 August 2017

The Inspectors have issued the initial draft of the hearings programme Draft Programme

3 August 2017

The current Examination Documents List is available Examination Documents List 3 8 17 

31 July 2017

The Inspector have published their Matters and Issues

The Inspectors have issued more questions to the Council Further Questions to the Council – sites 

21 July 2017

For clarity paragraph 3.2 of the Inspectors’ Guidance Note has been amended. The revised version of the Note is now available LEEDS Guidance Note Final REV 21.7.17

18 July 2017

The Inspectors have issued a Guidance Note, which is available HERE

30 June 2017

The Council have provided the Inspectors with Supplementary Update on Housing Densities 

29 June 2017

The Council have responded to the Inspectors’  initial comments and questions

LCC response to Inspectors Initial Questions 26.06.17

Effects of air pollution 2016 research for Natural England

5 June 2017

The Inspectors have today issued their initial comments and questions to the Council Initial comments & questions to Council 5 6 2017

The current Examination Documents List is Examination Documents List 9 8 17
The current version of the Council’s Core Documents List is available Core Document List 17.5.17
The Council’s Evidence Base List is available Evidence Base List 15.5.17